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Heather Jordan
Advanced Avon Co-Ordinator
Phone: 01304 824943
Mobile: 07748 054472

Sales Leader

Becoming an Independent Avon Sales Leader
Would you like to....

Become a Representative?
Manage your own team?
Be your own boss?
Choose your own hours?

Sales leadership is fun, you meet people, the potential is better than ever and you choose your time - the more time you invest, the bigger the rewards.

Being Self Employed and running your own business with all the help, training and opportunities you need and best of all with NO HIDDEN COSTS – is the best way to start your business now. Everything with AVON is explained and you are given the opportunity to say YES or NO – its your choice!

You recruit, train and support your own team of Independent AVON representatives, earning from their sales, and their team's sales. You earn more when your team are active with you, your business grows, their business grows and your potential earning is greater than ever.

You can make sales leadership your full time business and earn earn earn or just keep a small team active so that you earn that little extra money to ‘top up the pot’.

AVON sales leadership is all about network marketing and creating opportunities for yourself and your new Independent AVON Representatives, you then can give your team of representatives the same opportunity that you have. Not forgetting your new sales leaders will only be as good as you are, so put the extra effort in to start your team and reap the rewards - given time.

The beauty of being an Independent Sales Leader with AVON, is that you can expand and shrink your business to suit you and your needs.

Earnings are calculated on a percentage basis which is available for you to see from day one of your AVON Independent Sales Leadership business and depending on the size and level of your team growth, there are sales leaders in the UK, who are achieving a full time salary for part-time work !

AVON like to reward you for your hard work and that reward is very comforting considering its your own business! AVON’s rewards include the opportunity to win holidays, cars, laptops, cash prises and enjoy a yearly GALA and much more – JOIN MY TEAM now and start your business today ……………….

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